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Eagle Made Mallet Racks

  • Beautiful show-casing and ultimate organization for up to 264 marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, timpani, or accessory mallets (132 held spaciously).

  • Made of pure Ozark Mountain White Oak or Pine Wood, hand crafted and designed by musicians for musicians.

  • A large implement rack for bass drum mallets, gong mallets, and various hammers.

  • 16” carpeted accessory tray for other sticks, small implements, drum pads, etc.

  • Gorgeous crushed velvet cover to protect your implements from dust and debris.

  • Perfect for the professional player, college student, high school student, percussion director, percussion professor, and drumming enthusiast.

  • Ideal for the percussion studio, office, or at home music studio.

  • No longer will you have to carry hundreds and thousands of dollars in implements with you to every rehearsal, every gig, every trip to campus, every practice session..

  • Stoli Single

    Stoli Deluxe

    Stoli Hanging

    Strumento Single

    Strumento Deluxe

    Optional Addition:
    Accessory Tray

    Optional Addition:
    Velvet Cape/Cover

    Optional Addition:
    (4) 2" Castors