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November 12, 2008 -- Latin Grammy's Gloria Estefan Tribute -- Houston, TX

Andrew Beall, Gloria Estefan, Pete Cruz, and Nick Canizarro

August 1, 2008 -- Colorado Music Festival
-- Boulder, CO

Pete Wilson, Gerald Scholl, Shawn Galvin, Andrew Beall, Darcey Timmerman, Dan Armstrong, and Mike LaMatinna


World Premiere of Affirmation: Concerto for Solo Percussion and Orchestra: Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC - June 29th, 2008

Andrew - Inside Avery Fisher with the Orchestra and Soloist

Chi-Ching Lin and Andrew Beall - Marquee outside Lincoln Center

DCI Semifinals Night, August 10th, 2007: Pasadena, CA


Andrew and Brian Mason

Santa Clara Vanguard Front Ensemble

Recording Deliverance :: October 15 - October 31, 2006: Boston, MA


Recording Seduction

Recording Hand Claps for the Pat Metheny Suite

Jeremy Levine, Matt Smallcomb, Chi-ching, Rob Kelly, Andrew Beall, Jonathan Goldstein - 2am, the Metheny is finished!

Rob and unloading

The Dynamic Duo

Goldstein, 6am, debates whether he will finish in time to catch his 9am flight back to California

Greg Jukes, recording marimba 2 on the Metheny

Jeremy Levine records both timpani parts to the Metheny two days before winning the Vermont Symphony Principal Timpani audition

Keith Carrick, records marimba 1 for the Metheny

Matt Smallcomb, recording the chimes on the Metheny

Rob Kelly on the drums, recording the Metheny

Jody Redhage records the improvised cello part in Seduction (yes, that's my apartment in NYC)

Kris Smith, creating the magic at Q Division

The Metheny mix settings.

Andrew and Kris at the Q

Eric, 4am, mastering the album at Modulus Studio Arts

In Concert with Cordis :: September 24, 2006 :: Bridgeport, WV


Cordis top view




In Germany with Nebojsa Zivkovic :: August 29 - September 4, 2006 :: Engers, Germany

Zivkovic loves marching snare drum!

Hanging with Martin from Argentina, Tchiki Duo from Switzerland and Tuopali Duo from Spain

The Z Group

Outdoor concert at Storm Mountain Amphitheater :: August 22, 2006 :: Salt Lake City, Utah

Andrew and the Storm Mountain Percussionists performing Seduction

Andrew, Danny Soulier, and Jeanine De Bique performing Ave Maria

Aspen Music Festival :: June 18 - August 20, 2006 :: Aspen, CO

Sean Barna, Andrew Beall on top of Aspen mountain

The Aspen crew, with Gunther Schuller

Andrew Beall & Jonathan Goldstein after Deliverance world premiere

Deliverance, world premiere

Andrew and Jeanine, Song of 'Almah

Andrew and Jeanine, Song of 'Almah

Aspen Phil percussionist section

Testament Concerto world premiere with the Aspen Philharmonic

Testament Sheet Music

Andrew Beall and Crystal Mosser perform at Marymount University :: June 2nd, 2006 :: Washington, D.C.

Song of 'Almah

Song of 'Almah

Masterclass with Frederic Macarez :: March 20th, 2006 :: NYU, New York City

Jonathan Haas, Frederic Macarez, and the NYU Percussion Department

Columbus Symphony Percussion Section and Timpanist :: March 19th, 2006 :: Columbus, Ohio

Phil Shipley (front), Ben Ramirez (back), Bill Lutz (right), Andrew Beall (left)

Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra :: Percussion Section and Harpist :: December 29th, 2005 :: West Palm Beach, Florida

Matt Smallcomb, Rob Kelly, JP, Ai Sekiguchi, Mika Godbole, Andrew Beall

On the Atlantic...

Andrew Beall performs Testament: Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra with the NYU Symphony Orchestra :: December 9th, 2005 :: New York City

Final notes of the Concerto

Maestro Damon Gupton and Andrew smile at the finish of the piece

P.A.S.I.C. :: November 4, 2005 :: Columbus, OH

Andrew Beall, Chad Paetznick, Fernando Meza, Mark Berry

Music Academy of the West :: July 8, 2005 :: Santa Barbara, California

Performance of Andrew Beall's "Seduction" for solo marimba and percussion ensemble [performed to a packed house and received a standing ovation at the finish!]

Solo Recital @ NYU :: May 13, 2005 :: New York City

Calico Dreams 1

Calico Dreams 2

Calico Dreams 3

Andrew & Phillip

Andrew & Steve

Andrew & the 'Rents

Mr. Saturday Night



Testament 1

Testament 2

The Bealls

To the Gods of Rhythm 1

To the Gods of Rhythm 2

Ultimatum 1

NYU Orchestra Concert :: May 4, 2005 :: New York City

Andrew Beall & Gunther Schuller

PAS Ohio Day of Percussion :: April 9 2005 :: Columbus, Ohio

Go to this link to see pictures!

Drummers For Jesus Festival :: March 11-12 2005 :: Dallas, Texas

The Group

Andrew Beall, Alex Acuna, Alvaro Lopez, Carlos Benson, Richie Garcia

Andrew Beall and product manager, Chad Paetznick

In rehearsal for opening number

Snare Solo

Hyper Snare Solo

Drummers for Jesus Auditorium

Filled Auditorium

Hangin' with Jeremy and David

Andrew Beall, Russ Miller, Bill Bachman

Alex Acuna showing off his foosball skills

Last Minute DVD building with Bill Bachman, a mere hour before the performance

In rehearsal for opening number

Hyper Snare Solo in Opening Number

Lakepointe Church

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