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"Nothing short of stunning . . . resulted in prolonged applause and cheering . . . there was never any question that this piece had to conclude the program.” Margaret Lawless
Coordinator of Large Instrumental Ensembles, University of Missouri

"Affirmation shocked the audience – they were on their feet right after the performance!” Da Ji Yuan News

"Andrew Beall's percussion concerto is a piece with great passion. It received a standing ovation from the audience!” Global Times

"...catchy phrasing, well-thought out drama, the depth of tones and intricate rhythms, everything put together in such an intelligent and yet surprising way!" Ginger Lai, Music Therapist, NYC

"Andrew's Concerto was magnificent! I need a bigger word...Stupendous! Chi-Ching's performance was so powerful and precise! It got me on my feet! And anyone who didn't stand didn't understand what they had seen and heard. When she hit the chimes near the end, I thought I was gonna cry out! Ecstatic!" Brian McGuinness, Member of the world premiere audience

"While my wife and I enjoyed the entire program last night, the final piece was definitely the highlight! About the time Omar picked up the chime hammers I was wondering if I could handle any more bliss. Fortunately I could!"

Eli V. Hestermann, Professor of Biology - Furman University, member of the audience for the premiere of the Concert Band version (3rd mvt.)

"Bravo!! The concerto was incredible! Very virtuosic!" Michael Sgouros, Founder, Ethos Percussion Group, Owner, The Player's Theater


“One would think it [the title track] might be the highlight of the CD, but there are four major works on the recording that all stand out as significant recordings of noteworthy composititons.” PAS Notes

“You will not hear a more skillful performance nor superb composition for marimba and soprano as in this recording of "Song of 'Almah".” PAS Notes

“I highly recommend Andrew Bealls “Song of Almah”, for five-octave marimba and soprano. It is a beautiful song suite in three movements, set in a tonal style. While it is best suited for the mature marimbist, musically it is immenently playable, being extremely well-written for the marimbist and using four mallets throughout. The music is lyrically concieved, and the text is from the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. The Song is strong, and a contains depth of honest and sincere emotion, musically.” Gordon Stout

“Warm, lush, tonal, and romantic chords.” PAS Notes

“Beall has found the key to composing for marimba and soprano and goes one step farther by performing a most emotional and beautiful interpretation of the marimba part.” PAS Notes

“Buy this CD and get what you want many times over.” PAS Notes


“It’s Wonderful!!” Ralph Hardimon, DCI / WGI Percussion Arranger and Educator

“Your choice of colors and melodic development are very nice. Bravo!” Mark Ford, University of North Texas Percussion Coordinator

“A Marimba Symphony has not existed until now... This is a Magnum Opus!” Jonathan Haas, Principal Percussionist, American Symphony Orchestra, NYC

“Testament held my attention from beginning to end… The orchestration was just fine; there was always a sense of fresh color and register. The performance was precise and exciting.” Paul Levi, Composer, New York City

“WOW!!” Bob Adney, Percussion Faculty, MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis, MN

“Great performance on a great opus” George Brown, Principal Timpanist, Utah Symphony

“Andrew has quite a fine gift and sense of orchestration. I like his melodic sense of lyrical line and abilities to mutate motives which show up in a variety of contexts. Bravo!” Michael Udow, Principal Percussion, Sante Fe Opera

“A fine performance!” Michael Morgan, Conductor, Queensland Conservatory Orchestra, Australia

“I certainly admire it for the outpouring of love and feelings” Nancy Zeltsman, Marimba Artist, Boston Conservatory

Performance Reviews


"But for me, old prog rock fan that I am, when Cordis rocks - when Beall truly gets to show off his amazing chops - I believe this band is at their Kansas-like best." Short and Sweet NYC

"Percussionist Beall brought a breath of fresh air to the atmosphere." Improper Bostonian

"Anthemic, especially when the percussion is going full swing" Lucid Culture (New York)

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